Lil Jon and DJ Snake recently released the music video for their new song "Turn Down For What."

Here's our only question after watching it: What is happening?

This might be the craziest music video we've ever seen. In fact, we saw at least six different types of crazy!

Let us count the ways....

1) First, dude crashes through the ceiling onto this poor girl.

2) His twerking and humping LITERALLY melt this guy's face off.

3) Then the girl decides to butt bomb them right through the floor! (Not recommended.)

4) This woman's boobs have a mind of their own. 

5) This police officer decides to start partying with his gun pulled out (Also, definitely not recommended.)

6) Even after the party is over, this guy still has an, um, "party" in his pants.

Here is the video in full. Watch if you dare: