Oh I'm sorry, is there real news going on today? Doesn't matter because Sir Stuffington has found his way into the realm of Internet stardom!

Hailing from Oregon, Sir Stuff had a rough beginning. He came to a local animal shelter with a list of health problems including health issues including a disfigured jaw, heart murmur, upper respiratory infection, flea anemia, and the highly contagious calicivirus. His eye was also missing when he was discovered. 

After a successful recovery, Sir Stuffington and his two siblings found a home with 34-year-old Blazer Scaffer. 

When Scaffer decided to create a Facebook page for her new kitty and strap and eye patch over his bad eye, it didn't take long for the pirate-themed images to go viral. 

Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub and Colonel Meow will have to move over because we're in love!

Source: CNET