2013's version of Rebecca Black aka Alison Gold recently made us roll our eyes big time with her song "Chinese Food."

After barely taking a breather (from the haters) she's already back with a new song, titled (sigh) "ABCDEFG." Okay, so it's not hard to guess that this wasn't much of an improvement:

Let's talk about this video. It's weird. At times it's uncomfortable. There are plenty of parts that just don't make any sense. Let's break down the five most cringeworthy parts of this 3 minute and 47 second disaster:

1. When Patrice Wilson (that's who writes all these awful songs) is watching Alison through her window--TOTAL CREEP MODE!

2. When Alison won't stop singing about the alphabet while her crush is clearly trying to study. JUST LET HIM STUDY, ALISON!

3. When Alison clearly isn't reading this book. 

4. When, all of a sudden, everyone is a muppet.