Justin Bieber is free to roam again after nearly four hours of questioning at  at Los Angeles International Airport Thursday.  The 20-year-old pop star was returning to the U.S. after spending the past week in Japan with friends and family when he was detained at LAX.




"E! News" says U.S. Customs held him inside the terminal when his plane landed as scheduled at 1 p.m., although it's unclear why.  He reportedly emerged from the airport after 6:00 p.m., but said nothing as paparazzi followed him to the bodyguards who had been waiting outside for hours.  


The singer has racked up a number of charges in recent months, and TMZ notes that it's standard procedure for a person with so many open criminal cases to be held before re-entering the country.  The "Los Angeles Times" also adds that the hold-up at LAX isn't considered a formal detention or arrest