18 weeks!!! So I suppose if we were speaking like normal peeps that would mean I have reached the 4 ½ month mark. From the internets baby is either the size of a sweet potato or a baked potato, one site even describes baby as the size of a chicken breast… I think I am going with the potato reference so for this blog I will refer to baby as my little spud!! Lol.

My little spud is supposedly moving like no other… in ALLLLL sorts of ways. I guess this week spud will take it’s first POOP!!! Hahaa. Of course if it takes after me it may be awhile till the BM makes its way out! Spud is doing flips and karate kicks and sommersaults…. And supposedly I should be feeling this by now, although I don’t think I am. Spud muffin also already has finger and toe prints!!! Watch out!

Spud’s ears have arrived at their final destination with bones forming and all… which means baby could hear a lil’ last week… but this week… it can hear everything! I have been feeling like I should be chatting to baby, you know, begin the bonding and all. But, honestly when I think of talking to my belly it’s just so unnatural to me… it feels awkward. I want to bond with the little spud-ster… but me-thinks at this point I am not ready to start chatting to my tummy.

As far as pregnancy symptoms go right now… ZITS… everywhere. I was breaking out like never before… I mean even back in the day I never had such break outs. After a little visit to Sephora and some research online I think I got some of the breakout on my face under control (KNOCK ON WOOD). But, randomly zits will show up in the freakin’ weirdest places!!! I had a zit on my belly… wtf?!??! How does that happen?? Zits will pop up on the back of my neck… I had one on my arm… ummmm at that point I felt like looking around and saying… ok am I getting punked or something??? And P.S. I feel the need to say I do shower every day with soap and stuff so I am attempting to keep the oil under control thank you very much.

Another crazy change this roller coaster of hormones is taking me through… BOOBS. My Boobs won’t stop growing!!! I had to break down and go to Victoria’s Secret the other day to get some new bras cause I was literally popping out of my old ones!!! UMMMM this freaks me out cause we are only at the half way mark and I have already gone up a full cup size!!! UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM… yeah, so there’s that.

And yes… the sex of the baby. It’s sealed in an envelope cause hubbs and I wanted to do something creative or fun for a gender reveal or whatever… now it turns out we will simply open the envelope on the air next Friday morning 5/9/14… which I suppose is still something special!!