WE HAVE REACHED THE HALF-WAY POINT!!! Baby girl is the size of a butternut squash this week…or the size of a banana… or a cantaloupe.  All of the comparisons this week sound HUGE to me!  In any case at this point she is producing meconium… or as I see it… lil’ baby poop.  Baby’s heartbeat is so strong at this point it can actually be heard with a regular ol’ stethoscope!! Baby is getting big but she has lots of growing to do so supposedly she is doing quite the Cirque du Soliel type performance inside my belly.


Waaaaaiiit for it…. Waaaaaaiiiitttt for it… I am pretty sure… but not sure… but pretty sure I FELT THE WEE ONE MOVE!!!!   All those acrobatics and karate moves baby girl has been doing paid off lol…. I think.  I was sitting in front of the mirror getting ready the other day and I am almost positive baby was doing the Thriller dance within me!!! Kinda cool… although I wish I knew if what I felt was what I think I felt.  I am gonna count it… gonna say yessss… since I have felt similar things since then.  Of course leading up to this point people would tell me, “If it feels like gas, that’s the baby,” ummmm that lil’ description never really hit home to me since when I feel like I have gas… it’s usually followed by a sound or smell that confirms my feeling sooooooo…just so you know I may or may not have been tooting like a tug-boat... too much information??? sorry.






It feels like there has been so much anticipation leading up to this half-way point. It feels like we waited foreeevvver to find out we are having a girl.  And yet, now that I am at 20 weeks, somehow it feels like this moment came at lightening speed and now I am filled with feelings of stress, anxiety, nerves and pressure to start getting shizzzzz done for baby girl’s arrival!!  I have literally done NOTHING… NOTHING you hear!??!?! My family is asking me for dates and ideas and thoughts on a baby shower…. I’ve been told I need to register ASAP… and I have a craft room upstairs that needs to be emptied out… and we have a room full of stuff we recently inherited that makes me look like a hoarder… not to mention a guest room that is in shambles… a garage that is filled with crap… we have no idea what we will do about child care and there’s this WE HAVE NO BABY STUFF…. NOTHING… NADA… NO CRIB… NO STROLLER… NOOOOOO WHATEVER ELSE I NEED THAT I DON’T KNOW OF.  And hence… STRESS… and hence… my zits are baaaaacccckkk.


On top of the stress, I have to say I have been feeling super strange lately… like reeeaaalllyyy not myself.  Like… meh… all the time.  It’s really weird because generally I think I am a really happy person, and it’s been a struggle to snap myself out of this funk.  Not sure what the heck to do about that one but I will continue to work on that.  Despite my “Meh-ness” I am excited to be half waaaaaayyyyy…. Yaaaaaaay!!!!