Not quite at the 6-month mark… just one week shy of that but still, we made it to 23 weeks people!!!  It really wasn’t until this week that it hit me… holy moly… it’s JUNE… baby is coming in September… that’s only 3 months away… OMG>>> I better pick up the pace with my preparation!!!  Baby’s still kinda the size of a spaghetti squash or just to switch things up a bit a Nerf football.  I guess at this stage baby isn’t growing as fast but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing goin’ on in there.  Baby’s hearing is getting super keen and she is getting acquainted with the normal sounds loud and soft around me.  Turns out if there are looooudddd noises…


… loud noises like the vacuum or even Diva’s crazy bark when the doorbell rings… baby will get used to those sounds and they will be less likely to startle her when she pops out of the womb.  Kinda neat.  Baby’s brain has developed the sense of movement at this point so she has been feelin’ me dancing lately… she feels me workin’ on my fitness… and she feels me skippin’ to my lou my darlin’.  I haven’t really been skippin’ to my lou but for some reason I just wanted to say that.  Baby may not be growing a whole lot… but baby is starting to fatten up… which apparently means so will I.  Yippee… as if I haven’t done that enough already… meh.

Now as far as I am concerned… I have been feelin’ baby’s movements quite a bit!! It’s cool… bizarre… awesome… and strange all at the same time.  I thought I would be really weirded out, but when it happens I get really happy.  I know it’s normal for her to be moving around and everything but something makes me think it’s such a great thing!! Hahaha. 

I have been super clumsy lately… take today for instance.  I went in to my office and put my laptop on the desk and as I moved it over I didn’t realize I was knocking my phone, a picture frame and a bunch of papers off the desk lol… it was a disaster.  Just little things like that happen all the time… I trip over things, drop things… you know. 

I keep reading that it’s only a matter of time before my feet start growing and swelling up… does this mean I have to say goodbye to all my cute shoes??? Lame.  I have been feeling pretty good lately so to have that can of worms open up is gonna really suck haha. 

In any case I have so much stuff to get done… nursery, research, preparation etc.  Now I must go… and get on some of those duties so I can cross some of the items off the to-do list.