Well brother dang… we made it to the SIX MONTH MARK!!!  From what I hear… our little baby girl is the size of a foot-long… if we were having a boy, this week I would refer to baby as Frankfurt… lol… but we are having a girl so … neva-mind on that.  Baby is doing more developing than growing right now: her brain, lungs and characteristics are sharpening!!! That’s super exciting cause we get to see her this weekend!!! Kinda… what I mean by that is we are getting a 4d ultrasound on Saturday so we get a totally different look at our baby girl!  The cool thing is our parents and some family members are coming to our house to get in on the baby viewing action!!  There’s this cool service we found where they come set up the ultrasound machine at our house, throw the video up on our TV and everyone can see what’s growin’ inside mahhhh belly!!  I have been warned though… sometimes the picture you get may look a lil’ scary.  Haha!  As if it doesn’t already BLOW MY MIND that there is a tiny human in my womb.  I’m ok with whatever this kid looks like at this point I am just excited and fascinated to see how she is coming along in there!  Technology… is so neat.


 I’ve been feeling good this week, out of breath a lot but good.   Something crazy and awesome happened while hubbs and I were laying in bed the other night.  Baby was kicking away… big time.   I had heard at one point you can actually see the kicks movin your belly, and the jabs were so strong I decided to lift up the ol’ shirt and take a look.  And then we saw it!!! YOU COULD SEE MY BELLY MOVING FROM HER CARTWHEELS!!! HOLY MOLY!!! AAHHHHHHHHH!!! Haha.  Super bizarre… but really cool!!


Also… now I know what they mean when they say pregnant women start nesting!!! I told my husband the other night I want to get rid of all of our furniture and start over… hahaha.  Since there’s a better chance of monkeys flying out of my butt, I have settled for organizing the chaos that my house has become.  ANNNNDDD… check this out… WE FINALLY BOUGHT A CRIB!!! It gets delivered this weekend I can’t wait.  Everything around me seems to be in disarray.  My mom keeps telling me about these great deals she has been finding on swings and other big items.  I just can’t bring myself to start buying this crap when I have nowhere to put it!  So as soon as that crib goes in there… and I get the rest of my craft room supplies out of there I can officially get this nursery together!  It’s about time I start getting stuff done haha!

 Oh and there’s this… I think my feet are growing… ugggggggggg…. That blows.  I guess there's this hormone called relaxin which obviously helps let your body make room for baby... but it comes with the fantastic side effect of letting your feet get bigger too!  The problem is... while science has shown I can get a flat tummy again with hard work, my feet aren't going to shrink back!!! Meh.


 I did have an interesting moment this week, I would say it was profound… but it wasn’t really.  It’s just interesting to me that your whole life you look forward to these big huge life moments.  Sometimes the journey to these giant life moments is easy… sometimes it’s hard, and no matter what way you get there… when you finally do?!?!  You would almost think… the movie is over in a huge musically heightened crescendo… but no… you have to keep going.  You just keep going till the next big life event… just like that… just keep movin’ cause time doesn’t stop, and neither does anything else around you.  So with all this build up… these long 6 months that I have been growing a baby… once this lil’ one pops out… do we get to stop for a moment??? Nope… it’s on to the next big event... like the 1st smile or whatever. What gives?!?!?   In all the build up and the preparation and all the anticipation I haven’t really stopped to enjoy where I am at any given point. So this moment of I don’t know… let’s call it clarity… I had to just stop and just thank God for where I am right now.   I stopped thinking about all the crap I have to get done, all the things I am totally unprepared for, and just smiled. I'm so thankful for my family that has been such a huge incredible support group.  I am thankful when we had our “threatened miscarriage” at 6 weeks that this baby stayed strong and kept growing away.  I am thankful that so far she is measuring as a healthy baby.  I am thankful that I can still sleep through the night.  I am thankful for so much if I don’t shut up right now this post will go on for days and nobody has time for that!!!