WE MADE IT TO THE THIRD TRIMESTER!!!! LOOK AT US!!!  Our lil’ girl is about 2 lbs and from head to toe is somewhere around 15 inches.  I saw her size compared to a teddy bear this week… so cute, we will just go with that even though there are literally thousands of sizes of teddy bears…. Thousands.  Baby is now showing brain activity!!! Lil’ smarty pants.  Her lungs and brain are putting in work this week developing.  She is awake and moving at regular intervals and opening and closing her eyes that can acutally see light and shadows now!  I think about what she is seeing inside the womb… and that my friends is a bizaare mental picture… I am glad all of our brains are still developing at that point cause I could imagine that would  be one freaky memory.  I have heard of these hiccups babies have in the womb and haven’t experienced this sensation yet… but if she is anything like me it won’t be long till she is cursed with hiccups quite often.


I am feeling pretty good lately and am dreading the word on the street when it comes to the 3rd trimester.  From what I hear the 1st and 3rd trimesters are when you really get the crappy side effects of pregnancy.  I also hear that from here on out I should expect to gain at least 1 lb. per week… let the fun begin huh? I am starting to feel the early signs of back aches… that will prob just get worse from here on out.  Oh man, I kinda sound like the glass is half-empty right now sorry!  How’s this for staying positive… we are in the home stretch!!! While that is super exciting cause that means we get to meet our baby girl sooner rather than waaay later, there is still much to do.  Oh crap… there I go again with the whole glass half empty thing… oh well, that’s my reality right now.  We don’t even have a name yet for our little girl.  Indeed… lots and lots to do.  I can’t even focus on this blog that’s how much I have to do right now… lol… until next week.