With a total of 40 weeks in a pregnancy term… we are lookin’ at 7 more weeks of this business people!!! Baby girl is somewhere around 4 -4.5 lbs. and is starting to look less like a wrinkly alien, her skin is smoothing out and she is taking on her lil’ princess form.  Good news for all… she now has her own immune system!  She can also discern between morning and nighttime.  She is making all sorts of strides!!! She is also moving like a banshee!!! I think she enjoys testing her boundaries.  I say this because more often than not right now when she moves I feel like she either tries to make her exit out of my side… or she tries sprawl out horizontally where I can basically see her entire body making my belly look like I swallowed an entire submarine.  Girl is crazy you hear?!?!?


 As far as mama goes this week… I officially can’t make it through the night without having to get up to pee!! Now I can relate with how annoying that is!  I am thankful that it took until now for this to happen so I am not really complaining… just recognizing a new joy of this pregnancy that’s all.  Also… I just feel so heavy.  I am not sure if that is the best way of describing it but, my feet have never hurt so bad in my life!  Sometimes when I am walking barefoot I feel like the bottom of my feet are literally ripping!  YOWWWWCCCH!  


 I feel like I have been pregnant FOREVER… like this has been the LONGEST year ever.  Having said that I got freaked out at the end of last week when I found out a friend of mine who’s due date was 2 weeks before mine was in labor!!! That’s right… she was 35-ish weeks pregnant and her water broke!!! She has since given birth to her beautiful baby girl (CONGRATULATIONS LINDSAY & BRIAN!!!).   Mom and baby are doing great so there’s lots to be thankful there… but I freaked out because I had almost been seeing her pregnancy as a preview of what I was to expect in my near future… and having this baby in the next week or 2 would just be BANANAS!!! “Not yet kid!!! I am not quite ready and neither are you!!!” That’s the conversation baby girl and I had when I heard that news… and I know it’s not really up to me but, hopefully I have a lil’ more time to prepare! Lol


 I don’t know if I will ever feel “prepared” for baby to come but I would at least like to have my dang hospital bag packed!!! That’s a task I have been putting off here for a week or so.  The blogs that I have been reading have said right about this time I should be packed and ready to go just in case… and I suppose I kept feelin’ like I have plenty of time.  BUT, Now… NOW>>>> I gotta pack this bish.  I have started a bag with a few items… my own towel… toiletries… and I actually went to target and bought a few nursing bra’s and tanks… stab me.  Yea yea… they will come in handy… I know. I have the best attitude about this don’t I?? haha.  I will probably pack a few things that are totally unnecessary… but I am ok with that I have always agreed with that saying, “it’s better to over-pack than to under-pack.”  I will say I have eliminated a few items I was thinking of packing thanks to some very helpful advice from my sister. I’m so thankful for my resources… my sisters, friends, and of course … THE INTERNET!  What the heck did we do before the internet?!??!


Speaking of the internet… I made a purchase while packing my hospital bag that my sister gave me a bunch of crap for.  LOL.  I will be giving birth… in THIS BAD BOY!!!


What is that you ask??? …  I bought my own hospital gown.  That’s right… I literally bought my own hospital gown… and yes, I am aware that the hospital provides me with one.  But they don’t provide me with a cute one complete with a pink and grey print on it!!!! HAHAHA… When I told my sister she just sighed really loud and said, “Are you serious Kyle?!??! How much did you pay for that?!?!”  Well, after searching online and seeing some of these bad boys go for upwards of $80 I was almost proud to tell her it was right under $40! What a steal right!??! She just laughed and laughed at me… then asked, “What did Scott say?” The fact of the matter is… all he did was say, “whatever makes you more comfortable.”  Haha!!! I know he knows it’s kinda silly and ridiculous… but he is still supportive.  I have the best hubbs eva.