Holy moly 5 weeks to go!!!  At this point who the heck knows how big my lil’ girl is growing in my belly.  Some blogs say around 4 ½ lbs… some say 5 ½ lbs… sooo she’s somewhere in that range I am guessing.   She has fully functioning kidneys and her liver is ready to go too!!  What I love is, all the blogs are telling me she actually looks like a baby at this point with chubby arms and legs and all! I can’t wait to squeeze them!!! I love little tiny hands and feet!!!!  Of course she is still in the home stretch of development but if she were born tomorrow there’s a darn good chance everything would be swell!  I am so curious as to what she looks like… what her personality will be… what will make her laugh… how well will she sleep… etc!!!



SO far this week I have noticed a drastic increase in my need to urinate… what actually brings that to my attention may be too much information.  I will share anyway lol…. the other day I literally was in pain … I thought omg… why does my kidney and belly hurt so damn bad!??!?!   I was sitting there for a while before noticing omg… I guess I have to pee… I actually think it was difficult to walk to the bathroom!!!   Then when I actually relieved myself it was that feeling of… what the hell… how the heck did I hold my pee this long?!?!? Especially with a lil babe putting pressure on my bladder!!!!  Everything I read says DO NOT decrease the water intake because the amniotic fluid has reached it’s peak and baby needs the water.  So this is just another one of those joys of pregnancy now… peeing…. All…. The… time… yay.


Oh and since we are in the realm of over-sharing… I will add this too the mix.  At our doctor’s appointment last week they told my hubbs and I that next appointment I get to have a q-tip swabbed…. Ehhh heeeeeemmmm… down there…. Both down theres… to test for some bacteria that is supposedly harmless to adults but scary harmful for baby if not treated.  I guess like about 20% of people have this and never even know.  When that gem came out of the docs mouth… hubbs looked like he needed to ralph.  Soooo now not only to do I think my nethers are never going to be the same (and they won’t) Hubbs gets that mental picture if I happen to have this random grossness!!! SO MUCH FUN!!! There’s so many things that nobody tells ya when you have baby… I thought I knew about all the gross crap because of my older sisters taking this voyage before me… turns out there are still surprises around ever corner lol!!!  


Alllrighty then…. Now that that’s out of the way… I will say that after my nesting scenario with hubby last week… I haven’t really slowed down.  I have been cleaning and organizing our guest room that is now also my craft room… I have been throwing out old photos and putting together donation piles… all in effort to purge a lil’ bit before baby’s stuff completely takes over our upstairs.  I actually put some stuff up on the walls in the nursery (FINALLY) but still have a few more decorations to find before its totally done. I guess he was really on to something… I guess I was nesting… or whatever.  In any case… this crap STILL isn’t gonna get done on it’s own… LOL!!!


I have such conflicting emotions right now… on one hand I am so anxious to meet our lil’ one… I am sooo tired of being pregnant… I just want her to come right now!!!  On the other hand… I am so not ready… there is still so much to do… I am already tired… and baby still has developing to do so I need her to stay in there!!!   I recognize that at this point it’s not really up to me so I will just be thankful for the fact that while I am sick of being pregnant… things could be worse.  So I’ll just continue to be grateful with each new day.