Hubbs and I went to WINE COUNTRY this weekend!!! Yes... an interesting choice of vacation since yes... I am preggs lol... BUUTTT, we've been meaning to make it there for a while.  My best friend Stephanie moved there last year and it was high time we went to see her!  It was so much fun!!! Day 1 we went to the Golden Gate Bridge and explored a bit!!!


Day 2 My friend Tory and her man got to town and we all took a winery tour!! Shinanigans ensued... lol.  I am not really a big drinker anywho so exploring Sonoma without partaking in the wine tastings was no big deal for me I still had a blast!!! Baby has been quite the jet setter lately!!! I figure I gotta get all these trips in now cause come September who knows when I'll be able to get out hahaha!!!