Mat Mitchell

This baby is too cute!

woah! i can't un-see this!

"Sneak" a peek at this!

Keep an eye on this cat!

Where's ya wallet?

Horse? Dog? Run!

Mat Mitchell

Hi! I'm Mat. My goal is to be listened to, called upon, and talked about unless you're a collection agency. I come from the sunflower state, where one of two things happened: they don�t believe in spellcheck, and left the second T off my first name when they typed the birth certificate. Or, maybe my parents are just weird for naming me Mat with One T. I hope you enjoy my radio show, because when Piers Morgan discovers I exist, I�m gonna be his stunt double, or join him on CNN as his nearly identical twin (trust me, look at my picture!). By the way, if you reading this at four o�clock in the afternoon, just know I am half way through my tea and crumpets.


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