Call it "doing what you have to do" to get things done. The NEW YORK POST has a story this morning featuring the life of BELLE KNOX, the DUKE porn star who turned to a career as an adult entertainer to raise money to fund her education. She had originally attempted to keep her job under wraps... an attempt which quickly floundered when fellow students saw her - and her work - on the Internet.

She was bullied for what she's chosen to do in life to take care of business... her business... and her education. And that's when she took a stand and revealed who she is to her classmates and the world.

Sure, there's a discussion to be had about morality... but one's morals and whatnot aren't the business of others.

Belle Knox is getting more attention now than ever before, her earning power will skyrocket... and she's got one of the best educations from one of the best Universities in the world. What are your thoughts on the BELLE KNOX story? Comment below!