The final numbers are in from the National Retail Federation, and we've got the list of the 10 most popular costumes for 2013. So if you don't want to go dressed in the same costume as someone else, check out the list!

1.  A witch. 


2.  Batman, and other Batman characters.


3.  Princess.  5.4% of girls will dress as princesses . . . so will 5.4% of grown women.  Draw your own conclusions there.


4.  Superheroes who AREN'T Batman, Superman, or Spider-Man.


5.  Zombies.


6.  Vampires.  5% of all adults will dress as vampires.


7.  Pirates.


8.  Animals.


9.  Superman, and characters from Superman.


10.  Spider-Man, and other characters from Spider-Man.  This is especially popular with kids . . . 4% of all kids will dress as Spider-Man or Spider-Man characters.