Mom Tells 4-Year-Old To Save Pennies For Service Dog, Now He’s Finally Bringing One Home

Meet Aiden Heath, he has type 1 diabetes and his glucose level needs to be strictly monitored. He then heard that dogs can help monitor his sugar levels so Aiden knew he had to get his hands on one. The only downfall was that he knew service dogs were expensive but his mom told him to save up for a dog one penny at a time!

So that was exactly what Aiden did. At 4-Years-Old he began pulling his red wagon full of jars with spare change. After four years of saving up he had saved up 9,000 all by himself. His mom then shared his story and people began to help Aiden raise $20,000. Thanks to all the donations him and his mother were then finally able to put down a payment on the dog he has always wanted.