Jake Miller Loves His Fans: "All I Care About Is Impressing Them"


The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Jake Miller are his adoring fans. 

The singer, who was once backed by a label is now on his own. "I'm my own label," says Jake, "I make a point at the end of every music video or even when I'm typing in an email, 'Jake Miller Music Inc' is always there."

On today's episode of iHeartNow, Jake breaks down what it's like to be working with his friends, having the support of his family and his fans. "If you develop a really dope fans base like I did, let them know you.... All I care about is impressing them, making them happy." 


Now that he's off a label, Jake just feels happier. He has his creativity back and is able to do things the way he wants them done. "All these thoughts, all these songs, are coming directly from my heart," says Jake. That's the way it should be. 

Catch his full interview with Elvis Duran above and check back on our Facebook Page daily for the latest iHeartNow episode! 

Photo: Getty


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