KFC "Gravy Cocktails" Are Now A Thing & We Have A Lot Of Questions...

Fingerlickin' good? 

Kentucky Fried Chicken is getting into the cocktail business! You read that right! The fast food chain has made a line of gravy cocktails for everyone who is obsessed with their tasty gravy! 

Marion Racine, Marketing Manager at KFC UK & Ireland commented:

“Our fans repeatedly express their love for our gravy, which always sparks ideas within the team. We know our gravy is good enough to drink – so with stocktails being a real hit at the moment, what better ingredient to take them to the next level?”

Unfortunately, the drinks are NOT available to pick up in stores due to the restaurant's alcohol policy. 

However, you CAN make them at home instead. Below is the full breakdown of the recipes in video form! Let us warn you, they aren't probably going to taste very good