John Cena Loves BTS and We are Here for it!

This is the most random and best series BTS stans have ever gotten, and we LOVE it. Here's how it all started, 3 weeks ago John Cena posted a picture of J-Hope on his Instagram which totally caught ARMYs off guard. 

What does this mean? Does John Cena like BTS? Does he even know who BTS is? Did he just find a random picture and post it? Who knows. Most people passed it off as a fluke, but then... to our surprise John posted another picture, this time of the ending screen to the Mic Drop MV. 

By now, ARMY knew something was up and they started to think John Cena was an actual fan of BTS. Since then, John has posted THREE more BTS related images on his account, that has 8.9 million followers btw. He even wished J-Hope a happy birthday on Twitter! 

But, John's latest post has ARMY bursting with laughter. He posted a picture that J-Hope's Mixtape has leaked!!! John, don't you know you can't play with our emotions like that!!!! Now, ARMY even has a couple name for John Cena and Hoseok, C-Hope! HAHAHA! We hope this love-fest from Cena never stops. 

UPDATE: Now John posted a picture of SUPREME BOI on his Instagram.... Wow. Cena has gone FULL ON ARMY and it. is. amazing.

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