Why Blonde Haired V Has Me Suspicious

If you are ARMY, you know that we have one dream right now: an all black-haired Bangtan.

Recently, every public video or picture they post, they have been wearing hats to cover the color of their hair. However, you can't get anything past ARMYs who have been super zooming in on the pictures to discover that most members do, in fact, have dark hair.

Now, in comes V to ruin that theory for everyone. A K-Diamond spotted him on the streets and he seems to be sporting his old blonde hair!!! What does this mean? Does this mean BTS will have colored hair for their Japanese Album, Face Yourself and then go all black for their Korean comeback?? 

Here's my theory:

When they won Best Fan Army at our iHeartAwards, they posted this video - 

Now, you see all the members that previously had colored hair, covered up with a hat (V, Suga, RM, J-Hope and Jimin). Fast forward to a couple days ago, RM posted this video where ARMYs confirmed that he does in fact have black hair.

Now here's where I get suspicious. WHY would the boys work so hard to hide their hair and always conceal it under hats, just to have RM solo reveal that he has black hair a couple weeks later? It was very anticlimactic... 

It doesn't make any sense to me!!! And now, Tae being caught with blonde hair again? Something is definitely up.

We know Bangtan and Big Hit, they plan everything. Let me know your theories!

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