New Valley Vibes Show Features The Color 8 Band As The First Episode

Valley Vibes is a new video series that gives a glimpse at local musicians and concerts in Arizona. It gives local artists a chance to talk about who they are and give a look at their personalities through games and conversation. 

The series will also be showcasing events around Arizona and live performances by these artists. It will be airing weekly every Friday with a new episode.  

The Color 8 Band, who recently returned from a tour with Futuristic, carries a unique sound with the many genres they play including rap, heavy metal and R&B. The band is made up of six different musicians: 

Mikal Benion- a guitarist

Ashton Vaughn Charles- a saxophone player and vocalist

Emmett Nash-  the drummer

Jeremiah Smith- a bass guitarist

Clevpro- a vocalist

Marcus Hutchinson- a vocalist 

The band has been together for two years and is originally based out of Phoenix. Their goal is to expose their audience to new sounds and perspectives. The word "Color" represents the different types of music, sound and color there is to the band. While the eight represents baptism or something new.

You can listen to some of their music below.

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