Valley Vibes Interviews Sound Engineer Jon Sullivan and Rapper De La Preme

Valley Vibes brought in sound engineer, Jon Sullivan and rapper, De La Preme to find who they are and what makes them important to Arizona. We also get an inside look at their personalities through the card game, "Name 5."

Jon Sullivan, owner and engineer of Sullivan Audio grew up in Central Phoenix influenced by a melting pot of music. Always having a love for music, he chose to go to school for sound design and graduated with a degree in Audio Production in 2012. He slowly built Sullivan Audio which has been in business for about 6 years now. He has recorded for artists such as Dela Preme, Eddie Wellz, Salty Brasi, Matt Haze, Yung Crissuh, E$cott, Jay.Wop and Wig$. 

Dela Preme is a Hip Hop Artist from Glendale, AZ. He is the Leader/Founder of The FullSpeed Family. Preme started his rap career in Phoenix, where he engaged in freestyle rap battles; gaining respect locally, going by his previous alias "Kid Preme." Hard work in his music career led him to connections with I-Dee, Larry Lynn and The Truminati Family, with whom he went on his first tour with. He now performs at shows weekly around Arizona and is working a new project with Jon Sullivan at Sullivan Audio.

You can find more information on Jon Sullivan and De La Preme below. 

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