The Many Different Accents of Local Band "The Stakes" On Valley Vibes

"Good music good people," is the motto of local band, 'The Stakes.' This band plays a unique genre of hip hop, fusion, soul, funk, jazz and rock. Zee, Ash and Marah are the vocalists of the group while Paul is the bass player, Ben is on keys, Luis is the guitar player and Kevin is on the drums. Their most popular song out currently is "House Party."

The band started in 2012 with four original members and added on members as the years went by. 

"It's like Captain Plant, we all put our fists in the air and all colors fill the room," according to Ash.

Another thing that makes this particular music group special is that they are known for collobarating with other local artists in Arizona such as I-Dee from Truminati. 

If you want to listen to more of their music take a look at their Soundcloud below. 

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