Check Out Some Of The New Dating Trends For 2019

2019 is a few weeks away and already there are predictions for new dating trends according to Shevolution!

Some of these dating trends are called, Grande-ing, Scrooging, and Banksying! So what are they?

- Grande-ing is based on Ariana Grande's 'Thank U, Next' track - "It’s about rejecting negativity and bitterness as you move on with your life."

- Instagrandstanding - "This involves curating your ‘gram feed so that you posts attract the attention of your crush. "

- Scrooging - Similar to ghosting but it involves ditching them before Christmas " so you don’t have to buy them a present." OUCH! 

- Banksying - "Inspired by how Banksy ruined the ‘Girl with Balloon’ painting by shredding it at auction.  Bankysing involves daters carefully planning their break ups a long time before they do it." Not cool! 

- Throning - Dating someone to improve your reputation

- Cohabi-Dating - Moving in with someone to help with your finances 

- Vulturing - "Like a vulture that circles around dead bodies, vulturing involves a person becoming increasingly interested in someone when their relationship is about to end.  And when it’s does, they swoop in and pick up the pieces."

Some of these wait all of these are quite cruel and crazy! What ever happened to finding someone and falling in love?! Would you ever do any of these?!

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