Arizona Cardinals New Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury Is "Ryan Gosling" Hot

So have you seen the Arizona Cardinals new coach Kliff Kingsbury? Let us be very frank... he's hot and we can't stop looking at him. According to the NFL, they signed Kliff to four-year deal with a fifth-year option. He was the formerly the coach at Texas Tech.

Regardless of his football background (which is why he was hired)... many are to figure out the following questions:

  1. Does he like long walks on the beach?
  2. What's his 'type'?
  3. What's his favorite movie? (We hope it's The Notebook)
  4. Would he like to date me?

I mean LOOK AT HIM...   

We'll be getting season tickets to the Arizona Cardinals this year... is there a special 'coach' seating section we can get? Cause we won't be watching the game much.