Unicorn Armpit Hair Is A New Social Media Trend

I feel like a broken record every time I hear about a new trend because it just ends up coming to out way the craziness from the one before. This time, according to LadBible, the latest trend takes Januhairy to a whole new level - unicorn armpit hair!

Women are growing out their armpit hair this month to feel more freeing under the idea of Januhairy. Except now they are coloring their armpit hair either with rainbow colors or pastels hence the unicorn armpit hair trend.

Januhairy is a movement "calls on women to stop hair removal for the month of January in aid of charity, as well as encouraging women to both 'love and accept' the fact that body hair is natural."

It's just a whole new way to express yourself! Would you do it?

There Is A New Trend Called 'Januhairy' - Thumbnail Image

There Is A New Trend Called 'Januhairy'

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