AirBnb Will Pay You To Live In The Italian Countryside This Summer

Someone pinch me now because AirBnb is offering an opportunity of a lifetime according to Delish! Apparently they will pay you to live in the Italian Countryside this summer for 3 months where you can get tons of pizza and pasta.

What is the catch you ask? Nothing! It's part of AirBnb's Italian Sabbatical Program. You get to live in Italy from June to August to learn how to cook, learn about Italian culture and history, learn Italian, so forth. 

"You'll also volunteer for a local non-profit called Wonder Grottole, whose mission is to revitalize the town's historical center (go ahead, take those 'grams). A month into the trip, the lucky four will become co-hosts on Airbnb; your job will be to welcome guests to their room in the local community center or into a traditional home in the center of the village, and show them around town."

If you wanna apply, you can HERE and have until February 17th, 2019! 

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