Some Of The Biggest Trends You Will See This Year


2019 is a new year obviously even though January seems to be dragging on but according to PopSugar, you will a few big trends you will want to keep your eye on this year!

- TV Moment Of The Year - the end of Game of Thrones

- The Royal Baby - Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's bundle of joy is due this spring

- Color Of The Year - Sorbets

- New Healthy Ingredient - Oat Milk 

- Fitness Trend Of The Year - Home Gyms

- Beauty Ingredient Of The Year - CBD

- Movies Of The Year - Disney's Aladdin, Lion King, & Toy Story 4

- Women Of The Year - The women running for president and other politicians

And more!

It's a big year for transformation and change hopefully for the better! 

Hollywood Doctor Recommends Marijuana To Four-Year-Old
Hollywood Doctor Recommends Marijuana To Four-Year-Old
The man reportedly had his license revoked, but he says he is still legally practicing medicine.


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