Local Arizona Artist Starts Making It Big in New York

Local music producer, Charlie Mumbles, started out in a company called "Chop Records" doing shows in Arizona, being a part of a rap group called "Truminati" and now is making beats for artists professionally in New York City. One of his many employees include Estiee, another musician, who he has worked with for almost 10 years now. He was known in Arizona for his mellow hip hop beats and humble personality. He has made a beat for Nike, produced A$AP Rocky's "Kid Turned Out Fine" and done shows in Japan. Charlie has also made several beats for local artists such as De La Preme, Benjamin Fly, Salty Brasi and Mega Ran. He also DJ's in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Recently Charlie and his group posted a new music video "Goin' For 6" which was inspired by a football game. The song is about "winning and running it up," according to Charlie. The video was recorded at the last minute and on Charlie's birthday. Make sure to watch it above!

Charlie and ChopRecords are constantly producing music and putting new material out. Make sure to look at them on instagram @charliemumbles and @choprecords.