You Can Get Free Food This Week Through Uber Eats

Thank you Oscars because Uber Eats if giving out free food this week according to Thrillist! From February 20th to the 25th, you can get a BOGO deal. So yes, not just on Oscar Sunday - but in honor of!

"The deal is available from a load of restaurants across 21 US markets. Even though the company is calling it a promo for the Academy Awards, it runs all week."

All you gotta do is open the app and bam!

"You should see a banner across the top of your screen showing all of the restaurants in your area participating in the offer. Each restaurant that is partaking in the promotion will have a special BOGO deal displayed first, highlighting the items you can order. You won't need a promo code. It will automatically be applied when you order from that section of the menu."

Simple enough eh?!

And if you want all free food, Phoenix you can if you order from places like Popeyes, Little Caesars and more! Get all the info HERE!

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