BTS Has Landed On The Cover Of Entertainment Weekly

This is a big deal! No really, it is because BTS is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and it's important to know because the EW Critic, Leah Greenblatt, was the first writer outside of Korea to sit down with BTS according to a press release from EW.

"From an exclusive interview to hearing a track from their upcoming album and watching a dance rehearsal, Greenblatt peels back the curtain on the global superstar group who had two No. 1 albums on Billboard charts in the span of three months, sold-out concert dates around the world, and has registered over 5 billion streams. 
On including all 7 members’ stories and influences in their music:“With seven members we have seven different tastes, of course,” says RM. “So when it comes to songwriting, it’s like a big competition.” Occasionally, adds J-Hope, “We’ll write a lyric and decide, ‘This sort of reflects me [more], who I am and my own color,’ so we’ll want to keep that for a solo song.”
Japanese-American DJ, producer, and BTS collaborator Steve Aoki on their impact:“They stand out…And I’m not just talking about K-pop. They add so much of their personality to the music and into their stories and how they present themselves. And the world has fallen in love with them because they are showing that vulnerable side that everyone wants to see.”

Their Map Of The Soul: Persona drops April 12th and they will be on SNL April 13th!

I am so proud of my boys for all their success, inspiration and of course their influence!

Read the whole interview HERE!

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