Check Out Wonderspaces Art Installation In Scottsdale, AZ Before It Closes

Wonderspaces partners with artists to deliver artwork to new audiences. They have created art shows that run for about three months and then travel to new cities. Their mission is to create shared understanding through shared experiences.

It features thirteen installations from artists around the world. This includes "A Religious Experience," "Submergence," "Blooms," "Come Together" and more. An approximately eighty-minute experience spread across roughly 16,000 square feet, is placed to gather friends and family.

The most popular installations "Submergence" was done by an international group called Squidsoup. They are a group of artists, researchers, technologists and designers who work together to create interactive experiences. The piece is comprised of 8,064 individual points of light that visitors can walk through. They also continually change colors in correspondence to music.

Another appealing installation "Body Paint" was done my artist Memo Akten. It is a visual instrument that enables you to paint on a virutal canvas with your body. It interprets physical gestures into evolving compositions and captures the energy of the body. Akten explores collisions between nature, science, technology, ethics, ritual, tradition and religion. He approaches all his pieces though movement and sound.

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