Phoenix Opens A Snoh Ice Cream Shop

Snoh Ice Shavery, a frozen dessert shop, is in downtown Phoenix right next to Cobra Arcade Bar. This idea started in the South China Seas where frozen dessert known as BaoBing (shaved snow) was invented. The popularity spread through the asian communities in Los Angeles and made its way to Phoenix.

What is shaved Snoh Ice exactly? It is a cross between ice cream and traditional shaved ice. First they combine the freshest grade A extracts and all natural ingredients together. Then, a freezing process takes place where each ice block is flash frozen to exact temperatures. Then the block goes through a curing process that gives it a unique texture. To top it off they have a variety of Asian inspired toppings. Some of their menu items include the Coco Loco, Secret Stash, Purple Rain, Candy Floss, Breakfast Bowl and Zookeeper.

In addition Snoh strongly believes in being active in the community and hosting fundraising programs to help schools and other non-profit organizations.

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