Acoustic and Jazz Music Show Takes Place At Rebel Lounge

John Cornelio, a local acoustic pop artist, threw a successful show this past Sunday at Rebel Lounge to debut his new single. He included other local artists like Clementine, Aaron Todd and Winston Williams. Native from Philippines since he was young, Cornelio is a Singer/Songwriter that embraced the Phoenix/Arizona music scene as it accepted him after moving from a different country.

Blending different genres that influenced him, John demonstrates passion and emotion during every live performances. Inspirations ranging from artists like Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Bazzi, Khalid, and Childish Gambino. Fluent in 5 instruments, John uses his ability to sound like a full band using RC-300 looper pedal during his live shows. Some of his songs include Forever and Saturday Morning. In Phoenix alone he has over 40 monthly listeners and over 15 monthly listeners in Los Angeles. He also has blends of RnB and Soul in his music. This winter he will have his debut EP 'Last Letters' coming out.

You can find more information and listen to John Cornelio's music at