New Coffee And Tea Hybrid Location Opens In Downtown Phoenix

Teaspressa is the first and only beverage that is a hybrid of tea and coffee, resulting in a healthy alternative to traditional caffeine drinks. Using a patented production process, Teaspressa is concentrated tea that contains as much caffeine as an espresso shot, but provides consumers the health benefits of traditional tea blends. Allison DeVane, founder and owner of Teaspressa, created Teaspressa’s proprietary Tea Concentration Technology that uses a pressure extraction method to produce tea blends that, like espresso, can be used to make Tea Lattes, tea-based drinks that are comparable to gourmet coffee beverages. Teaspressa and its products can be purchased online at It was launched in February 2015.

As a coffee lover, DeVane created Teaspressa to be a solution to her side effects caused by coffee. Handcrafting Teaspressa’s Signature Tea Blends that offer numerous health benefits, soothing aromas, & dynamic flavors, DeVane’s mission was to create a holistic product that enhanced the mind, body and soul for all to enjoy. It was also featured on Shark Tank in 2016. DeVane is an inaugural member of The Tory Burch Foundation’s Business Fellowship Program, inducted in 2016.

The product line includes artisan loose leaf Signature Tea Blends as well as a collection of instant beverage flavors in its Luxe Collection. The Signature Tea Blends are authentically sourced from tea farms around the world to create an elegant infusion of both the tea and coffee worlds. Coffee lovers appreciate the robust body and the clean, long lasting energy without the jitters or crash that can follow coffee; Tea enthusiasts appreciate the full, exquisite flavors extracted from the tea leaves and the health benefits offered by each tea variety. Teaspressa’s premium tea blends are used to make its Signature Tea Lattes, Tea Macchiatos and Tea Cappuccinos. As an extension of Teaspressa's Signature Tea Blends, Teaspressa's Luxe Collection is a modern approach to traditional sweeteners and syrups and is designed to instantly enhance your drink with less than 10 calories.

The drinks included in the video are the home brewed Manhattan Black tea blend and Teaspressa's Black Rose Luxe Flavor Elixir. The toast is Teaspressa's Ruby Rose Toast. Made to order using locally sourced ingredients gluten free options the toast has beet cream cheese, avacado, sel gris, rose honey and fresh lime.

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