"Deez Buns" A New Asian Inspired Burger Restaurant Opens in Tempe

"Deez Buns" a delicious burger joint that made its name from the popular memes is located in Tempe, AZ. Justin Park and Kevin Rosales who are friends decided to open the restaurant after talking about making asian inspired food at Phoenix Night Market. They wanted the platform of their restaurant to be Asian style buns, which are very fluffy and buttery. They then took it from there and made Vietnamese, Western and Indonesian menu items. Both owners took a lot of inspiration from their families, mothers and fathers.

"Everything is a conversation with food," according to Rosales.

Both owners are proud of their restaurant and hope to bring the authentic Filipino and Korean taste to customers. What makes their buns so different? They steam them plain and then cut them into hamburger patties. Two of their most popular menu items include the Long Silog Sandwich and the BTS Sandwich. Both of these dishes show true Asian flavors in an Americanized way.

For a closer look visit https://www.instagram.com/deezbunsaz/

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