Build Your Own Enchiladas at Arizona Restaurant Gadzooks

Love Mexican food? Have you tried Gadzooks? This popular Mexican restaurant sticks out because you can build your own enchilada and even purchase alcoholic drinks. The term "Gadzooks" came from the owners roommate who would yell it every time he found his leftovers had been eaten. He would "zook out." The way it works is by first picking what kind of entree you want as in enchiladas or tacos or nachos etc. Then you pick what type of tortilla you want and fill it with some type of meat and veggies. You can pick bison, chicken, hash, pork shoulder and short rib for the meat options. For the veggies you have the choice of potatoes, spinach mushrooms or cornbread. Then you pick a type of cheese and sauce. If you want to add something special you can get an egg on top of it all. They have a variety of salsas to choose from including pico, salsa verde, toasted arbol, habanero etc. Too top it all off you can buy their homemade sangria or margaritas.

They are well known for their tacos as it has won several awards. Their pumpkin maple brown sugar cookies are also made fresh daily. There are three locations in Arizona including two in Phoenix and one in Tempe. They have been featured at the Arizona Taco Festival, The Thrillist, Taco Takeover and USA Today.

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