Asian District Night Market Food Festival Tomorrow!

Photos courtesy of The Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce.

The Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce is celebrating the designation of the Asian District in Mesa by holding the Asian District Night Market on the evening of February 29th. The night market will feature local artistic and culinary talent as well as a performance stage.

"It is absolutely amazing to see the unity behind this endeavor," Vic Reid, CEO of the Asian Chamber of Commerce said. "The Asian District is a place for our community to truly take pride in - we know the work being done today will have an everlasting impact on future generations."

The Asian District, Mesa, AZ is a vibrant center for Asian culture, community and commerce. Those investments have created a renowned infrastructure that fosters a diverse and growing array of grocery shopping and restaurant options, as well as other businesses where visitors can shop and experience a myriad of Asian cultures.

Come celebrate the launch of the Asian District with a night full of food, entertainment, friends, and music. Enjoy unique creations, delicious food, and a chance to experience the cultural diversity and richness of the Arizona Asian Pacific American community.

The Asian Chamber Inc. is a multi-generational community based organization made up of different backgrounds and experiences - each generation contains special knowledge and abilities that in unison with each other creates a unique but powerful organization focused on the growth and sustainability of the Arizona Asian Pacific American community. The Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce understands the importance and significance of economic and cultural development and the impact it has on society.

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