New Bar In Downtown Phoenix Just Opened!

Photos courtesy of Killer Whale Sex Club

A new bar, Killer Whale Sex Club, has just opened in downtown Phoenix along Roosevelt Row Arts District. You can't miss this new place with its turquoise, purple and orange colors along with the giant Pegasus on the exterior. The owners, Sam Olguin and Brenon Stuart, also own a bar inside Churchill. The inside is covered in black and cold with very dim lighting, lots of candles, comfy couches and black furniture.

Drink items on the menu have classic to creative cocktails including a paloma, cosmo and pina colada. The bar also serves Coors Light, White Claw hard seltzer and Four Loco. Specials listed include a Montucky Cold Snack beer with a house shot, snack of the day and a $1 cigarette. Classic cocktails are available premixed and served by the bottle, along with beer and wine options.

The owners welcome the community to the new space with a front lawn keg party on Roosevelt Row's first Friday event on Friday, March 5 and will be open all weekend starting at 5 p.m. each day.

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