Scottsdale firefighters team up with businesses to deliver meals to seniors

Photo courtesy of FOX 10

With a number of donations, the Scottsdale Firefighters Association has teamed up with local restaurant to deliver meals to seniors.

"We've got businesses that need the business," said Sasha Weller from the association to FOX 10. "We've got seniors that need assistance, and the community is very generous to its firefighters.”

With the crisis continuing, the need for food is increasing and Scottsdale firefighters have teamed with up four restaurants for four weeks to feed seniors who have been impacted by the coronavirus.

First the firefighters purchase meals from businesses suffering and then they deliver those meals to over 100 seniors living in the Scottsdale community.

Randy’s is one of these restaurants suffering.

"Throughout the last month or so, we've learned to adapt and evolve to the things that the community wants," said Randy Cole, owner of Randy's Restaurant and Ice Cream to FOX 10.

This story was originally published by FOX 10.

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