Students in China return to school wearing new social distancing hats

Photo credit: Asia Wire

Several of these images show primary school children returning to class in China wearing homemade three-food social distancing hats, which are being used to remind the kids of the space they need between each other.

With the coronavirus restrictions easing in China, many children are being allowed to go back to school with some new rules in place of course. The children have not only their social distancing hats but are required to wear face masks as well.

So far four classes of first year pupils at Yangzheng School in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province in East China, were allowed to return to class for the first time yesterday.

Many of the hats have been made from cardboard and colored paper. One of the girls even made hers with balloons.

Vice-principal Hong Feng told local media "This was our own creative idea. It helps us promote our slogan: 'Wear a one-metre hat, keep a one-metre distance'."

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