A retired nurse teams up with businesses to sell hand sanitizer

A retired nurse is teaming up with businesses to sell hand sanitizer to those in need. She saw there was dire need for the product in her community and even she couldn’t find it herself.

"It made me angry to see that people would try to take advantage of others in a time like this," said Trish Moran talking about people overcharging for the product.

One gallon of hand sanitizer was being sold on Amazon for $60-70 according to Moran.

She came up with a solution and partnered with her husband Timothy Moran and convinced local businesses to produce giant jugs of hand sanitizer. They reached out to Tempe-based Phat Scooters, Scottsdale based PurMD and a whiskey distillery in Texas.

The Arizona companies purchased 60,000 gallons of liquid hand sanitizer from the Houston distillery to make it available to the public at the prices of $0.37/ounce. They also agreed to give 15% of hand sanitizer sales to Arizona schools, disabled veterans and nonprofit organizations.

This story was originally published by ABC 15

For more information: https://www.abc15.com/news/rebound/coronavirus-investigations/former-nurse-teams-up-with-businesses-to-sell-hand-sanitizer

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