Dad makes DIY waterpark in his back garden during quarantine

A father transformed his back garden into a DIY water park and it even had an eight-metre-long slide. Nick Smith used his construction skills since he hasn’t been able to work during lockdown to create a water park at home.

He bought supplies to make the slide and built it right into the family’s pool. Nick, who lives in London, started the slide at the top of their treehouse and received help from the rest of the family as well.

Nick said "I'm a massive kid. I think I'm enjoying the slide just as much as the girls.”

He also added that his children have been on the slide all day, every day since it’s been up.

"The girls absolutely love it. They have not been bored once yet in this lockdown. We haven't had any tantrums. It's just finding the right things for them to do,” said Nick to LAD Bible.

This story was originally published by LAD Bible.

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