Dad uses DIY invention to tell his son when dinner is ready during lockdown

One dad was having difficulty getting his son downstairs for dinner since he is always gaming with headphones on so he installed a strobe light to signal him. Patrick Curran was fed up with constantly shouting for his son so he put the strobe light above Jason’s TV, that’s activated from a switch in the kitchen.

"It has been very effective, he comes down the stairs the minute I turn it on - only problem is after dinner he usually comes back down the stairs to tell me to turn it off as I forget,” said Patrick to LAD Bible.

The issue of getting his son downstairs only started when lockdown first started. Before that they relied mostly on take-out and fast food outlets after Patrick lost his wife and cook Susan in 2016.

Patrick said to LAD Bible "My wife Susan did all the cooking before she died suddenly in 2016. It left a big hole in our family but we are very close and we think of her every day."

So taking his new role on Patrick has become of the chef of the house.

He said to LAD Bible "Jason seems to be enjoying my cooking. I cook spaghetti, steak, salmon, full breakfast, burgers and things like that.”

This story was originally published by LAD Bible

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