Neighbors make a social distance pub in their garden

Neighbors wanted to drink together while abiding by the social distancing rules so they made pub in their garden. They flipped over a piece of there fence to make a bar.

‘The Distant Arms’ was created by Abbie Courtney and her husband Chris who had always joked about having a pub. Once they built it they invited their neighbors from next door Nichola and Marc Lewis to their opening.

"It's about friendship and love for us - and staying in touch with loved ones. The pub's open 24 hours a day and cost nothing to build,” said Abbie to LAD Bible.

After the coronavirus lockdown hit they thought why not actually build the bar they have always been talking about and get to know their neighbors more.

"I got my husband to work and the best thing is it didn't cost a penny. My husband is a hoarder and keeps every plank of wood. We renovated our house so we have saws and everything,” said Abbie.

This story was originally published by LAD Bible

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