Customer leaves $1,300 ‘welcome back’ tip at restaurant

With states reopening their businesses and even some restaurants, a customer from Texas left a $1,300 welcome back tip as a thank you. The Frog & The Bull is an Iberian-inspired tapas restaurant in Texas and reopened on April 30.

The owner, David Fernandez told “Good Morning America” that a man and his family came in for dinner and ordered a bottle of wine, filet mignon and scallops. The bill came out to $337 but the customer told his server to make sure to double charge everything.

"I was waiting on the table for a couple hours and I was closing [the family] out and before I ran the card, the man pulls me aside and says, 'I'd like you to double our tab.' At first I didn't understand," the waiter, Josh Pikoff, 18, recalled to “GMA.” "Then he said, 'We're so thankful that you guys are open. We're very grateful that you guys would put yourself on the frontlines to serve the community.”

Fernandez had been looking forward to reopening ever since the pandemic hit.

This story was originally published by FOX 10.

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