You Can Now Get Skinny Vodka Popsicles At Costco During The Summer

Ice cream is now back for the summer time but with an adult twist at Costco. They are now selling skinny vodka popsicles, a little bit of dessert with a twist. These Slim Chillers Skinny Freezers vodka ice pops come in four flavors including cosmopolitan, watermelon lemonade, appletini and lemon drop. There are also new flavors including guavaberry, pear lemondrop, raspberry lemonade and blueberry citrus.

The ice pops are 8% ABV with 100 calories each. They are available to buy at Costco's warehouses. They are also available at Sam's Club locations as well.

If buying them is too much you can make boozy popsicles yourself as well.

This story was originally published by Simplemost.

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