Now Yankee Stadium will turn into a Giant Drive-In Movie Theater

With the coronavirus pandemic bringing social distancing to us, Yankee Stadium is now turning into a drive-in movie theater. Now people can enjoy movies while being safe and enjoying some fresh air. They were given the okay to do this on May 15.

In one exclusive, Time Out New York announced a new festival -like event known as Uptown Drive-In will take place in the Yankee Stadium parking lot. Starting in July, the parking lot will transform into a hotspot that is not only a drive-in movie theater but also a local concert venue. On Fridays through Sundays, attendees can drive up in their vehicles and enjoy the movie or live performance while eating snacks.

Marco Shalma of MASC Hospitality Group told Time Out New York that the stage will be elevated for live performances so attendees can watch from their car. In addition, the MC, performers, and hosts will stream from a PA system that can be listened to through car radios. MASC Hospitality is also planning to implement live interactive games, raffles, giveaways, date-night experiences, and a family-friendly brunch series.

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