New York Now Has Painted 'Social Distancing' Circles on Their Grass

A park in New York is taking preventative measures by painting 'social distancing' circles in their grass. Domino Park in Brooklyn is fairly popular and now people can still enjoy it while being safe. The idea came from two staff members who spent four hours making the circles with chalk paint according to Dezeen.

Domino Park told Dezeen "In total, it took a few 99¢ (81p) cans of white chalk paint from the local paint store, two people, and four hours to implement this strategic tactical urbanism. Visitors started using them properly almost immediately."

Along with the circles the park has also put up signs to remind visitors about social distancing and police patrol the area handing out masks to anyone who needs them.

"We need the public to continue to be smart and use judgement about the risks of this virus, regardless of what the court has forced on us. No one should interpret this as advice to change their behaviors," said councilman Mark D. Levine in a tweet.

This story was originally published by LAD Bible.

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