This 1-year-old cook has over 1.5M Instagram Followers

1-year-old Kobe Wian has become a famous chef on Instagram with over 1M followers including Gordan Ramsay himself. His parents help him run, "Kobe Eats," not only on Instagram but on Tik Tok and Twitter as well.

"We're really practical with him and cooking was one of those things where it wasn't even about the food at first, but learning and fine tuning motor skills. And the kitchen is the perfect place to do that," Ashley Wian, his mom, told ABC News. "He would have so much fun -- I recorded it and it just took off from there."

She makes the recipes and has Kobe help her prep them which usually takes about 45 minutes. They record the whole process together and eat about 5:15 pm. Kobe loves helping his mom with a smile on his face the whole time.

"Kobe definitely has an adventurous palate. He's not afraid to try anything," Wian explained to Good Morning America. "We encouraged him to try different foods all the time and started when he was just 6 months [old] by trying a new food every day."

This story was originally published by Good Morning America.

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